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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are You A Pisces? - Thursday Thirteen #7


I have been really pretty busy this week and quite tired and worn out but I remembered promising you guys the next issue of the horoscope for the month of February which is from February 19-March 20. So here they are:


  1. Pisces is said to be the most sensitive of signs--and the most vulnerable.

  2. The traditional Pisces is said to be the most sensitive of signs--and the most vulnerable.

  3. Pisces traits are imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic.

  4. Pisceans tend to withdraw into a dream world where their qualities can bring mental satisfaction and sometimes, fame and financial reward for they are extremely gifted artistically.

  5. They are also versatile and intuitive, have quick understanding, observe and listen well, and are receptive to new ideas and atmospheres.

  6. Pisces's glyph shows two fish hooked together but swimming in opposite directions.

  7. The image is a metaphor for the Piscean character. One part of it swims wide, toward the edge of the universe, while the other dives deep seeking some mystical substratum of reality.

  8. Ideally there is a rhythm to the journeys: the fish reunite and share their discoveries before setting out again on their separate missions.

  9. Unselfish submission defines love for the Piscean, who gains more pleasure from giving than from receiving.

  10. They often succumb to temptation, and float from one partner to another.

  11. In this way, or by refusing any partners, they avoid becoming hooked by deep emotional commitment.

  12. Those who refuse both these directions and take a middle way are richly awarded. They are never egotistical in their personal relationships. Romanticism plays a role in the lives of the Piscean. Free of negative influences, however, they are cheerful and sensual and quietly appreciative of life's pleasures.

  13. Pisceans are visionaries; they often find it hard to live in the present or to interact with people less spiritually inclined than they. However, the vulnerable Pisceans are escapists and idealistic, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily led.

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