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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Natural Disasters! (Thursday Thirteen #4)

We all know what natural disaster is right? We also do know what harm it can do to mankind,animals and the earth itself. Below are lists of Natural Disasters:

1))Photobucket Avalanche (Speeding Snow) - Cascades of snow, ice, and rock that can clear a mountainside. While avalanches are sudden, the warning signs are almost always numerous before they let loose. Yet in 90 percent of avalanche incidents, the snow slides are triggered by the victim or someone in the victim's party. Avalanches kill more than 150 people worldwide each year. Most are snowmobilers, skiers, and snowboarders.2) Want to create your own avalanche and see what happens? Go to: 3) http://green.nationalgeographic.com/environment/natural-disasters/avalanche-profile.html

Hurricanes (Engines of Destruction) - Tropical disturbances capable of substantial destruction. Hurricanes are giant, spiraling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds of over 160 miles (257 kilometers) an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons (9 trillion liters) of rain a day. These same tropical storms are known as cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and as typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean.

5) Photobucket Tornadoes (The Short, Violent Life of Tornadoes) - Storms that can pack the highest winds on Earth. Tornadoes are vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air. Their winds may top 250 miles (400 kilometers) an hour and can clear-cut a pathway a mile (1.6 kilometers) wide and 50 miles (80 kilometers) long.

6)Photobucket Volcanoes (Earth's Fiery Power)- Volcanoes are awesome manifestations of the fiery power contained deep within the Earth. These formations are essentially vents on the Earth's surface where molten rock, debris,and gases from the planet's interior are emitted.

7) Photobucket Earthquakes - Our planet produces thousands of earthquakes a day. Earthquakes, also called temblors, can be so tremendously destructive, it’s hard to imagine they occur by the thousands every day around the world, usually in the form of small tremors.

8)Photobucket Lightning - A potentially dangerous high-voltage discharge and flash. Contrary to the common expression, lightning can and often does strike the same place twice, especially tall buildings or exposed mountaintops. Cloud-to-ground lightning bolts are a common phenomenon—about 100 strike Earth’s surface every single second—yet their power is extraordinary. Each bolt can contain up to one billion volts of electricity.

9) Do you know what objects are prone to be hit by lightning? Go to:

10) http://green.nationalgeographic.com/environment/natural-disasters/lightning-profile.html

11) Photobucket Tsunamis - Massive and destructive waves or tides haunting shores. The most infamous tsunami of modern times hit Indian Ocean shorelines on the day after Christmas 2004. That tsunami is believed to have packed the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. Some 150,000 people were killed in a single day.

12) Photobucket Wildfires (Flames of Change)- Discover how a single spark can ignite an inferno that lasts for weeks. Uncontrolled blazes fueled by weather, wind, and dry underbrush, wildfires can burn acres of land—and consume everything in their paths—in mere minutes.

13) I do hope that I have enlightened some of your knowledge about Natural Disasters. Did I? Did you find it interesting?

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